"Offering Made in India Products comparable to the best in the world, Since 1963"

Located amongst the picturesque surroundings at the foot hills of the Shivalik Hills in the heart of Dehra Dun city, Hindustan Opticals has grown in leaps and bounds fulfilling the long cherished aspirations of the Indian psyche to achieve excellence in Precision Optics and Optical Instruments for Defence, and civil purposes, comparable to the best in the world.

Incepted in 1963 by founder Mr. Hari Mohan under the name of Hindustan Opticals in a small way for production of Prototypes of Precision Optics to assist IRDE Instruments Research and Design Establishment), Dehra Dun, a branch of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), Ministry of Defence.

Since then, there has been a considerable diversification in the production activities as much as such the factory now meets the demands of the defence services for entire range of Optics and Opto-Mechanical components thereby doing away with the dependence on imports and considerable savings of foreign exchange

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