"Offering Made in India Products comparable to the best in the world, Since 1963"
  • Started production trials in June 1963.

  • First finished lens successfully produced for DRDO in August 1963.

  • Registered under small Scale Industries in August 1963.

  • Registered under Director General Qulaity Assurance (DGQA) as supplier for Optical Devices to Defence Organisations 1967.

  • First sample for defence optics successfully produced in 1968.

  • First Opto-Mechanical Assembly for defence produced in 1968.

  • To enhance production automatic machines purchased from Germany in1973.

  • Started Producing Optics for Microscopes and Opthalmic Instruments in 1974.

  • Successful productions for large Prisms for Tanks came out in 1976.

  • Purchased full range of Test Equipments for testing defence optics and equipments in 1978.

  • Started designing and production on test equipments for optical instruments and developed the first Collimator in 1981.

  • First export order from USA was received in 1982 and was successfully completed the same year.

  • Established In-House Coating Facilities for Visible range in 1985.

  • Got the distribution for Optical Glass and Glass components for Pilkington Special Glass Ltd. UK, in 1988.

  • Started production for Laser Optics in 1990.

  • Started complete assembly workshop for Optical and Mechanical components in 1995.

  • Clean room facilities of 1000 class was established for high quality instruments in 1997.

  • Qualified and Obtained ISO Certification in 2003.

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