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Night Vision Sight D604 is a multipurpose night weapon sight, which is indigenously designed and made to suite the most demanding military specifications in India. This is a compact and light weight sight which can be operated in extreme climatic conditions in vast terrains. The complete body is made from Composite Metal alloy, which gives it strength and at the same time makes it lighter for ease to carry and use.

The sight can be easily fitted to any rifle by various bracket mounts. The sight is fully sealed and filled with nitrogen thus making it “Made in India” product comparable to the best in the World.

Specification :  
Magnification 4 x
Field of View > 10º
Objective Lens 90mm F/1.5
Eye Relief Distance 40mm
Reticle Projection Type Aiming Circle with Range Dot Pattern
Diopter Adjustment - 5D…+ 5D
Power Supply 2 x AA cells 1.5V DC Low Voltage Battery
Indicator Indication by LED, which illuminates when voltage drops to 2.05V
Battery Life Over 60 hrs
Detection 350 M
Recognition Operating 200 M
Temperature -20º C to +55º C
Relative Humidity 98%
Dimensions 270mm x 85mm x 75mm
Weight 1.25 Kgs.
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