"Offering Made in India Products comparable to the best in the world, Since 1963"

It is our company's policy to manufacture and market all the Optical goods, which comply with the customer's needs and the designer's specifications. As a supplier it is our policy to ensure that the supplies adhere to contractual specifications and satisfy the customer in terms of consistent quality and timely delivery. Quality means fitness for the intended purpose in all aspects of the company's activities. The company will strive to meet the needs of its customers through a continuous process of quality improvement.

The quality system is designed to ensure the maintenance of the product quality standard through the evaluation, inspection and verification of process at all stages of manufacture. Compliance with the provisions of our Quality Policy for all employees of the company by:

  • Education and training of the quality improvement process.

  • Pre-Set measurable annual objectives for quality improvement.

  • Emphasis is mostly on prevention rather than detection. The company will involve its suppliers in the process of quality improvement.

We will comply with all statutory safety and environmental regulations to ensure the safety of our employees and discharge our responsibility to society.
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