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Micrometer Scale        
Used for measuring lengths of specimen or distances between points on a variety of different shaped objects. NE1 Scale shown: This eyepiece graticule has an overall length of 10.00mm with 100 subdivisions of 0.1mm. When used with a x10 objective each division will represent 10 microns on the specimen. By dividing the division of the chosen graticule by the magnification of the objective one obtains an approximate value that each division will.

Concentric Circle Scale

Can be used for two-way measurement when calibrated as a micrometer.

Protractor Sclaes

Placed in the eyepiece, these are used in the same manner as ordinary protractors.

Concentric circles 1mm – 10mm diameter. 10 circles.

Concentric circles, 10 circles. 1mm-10mm. Graduated cross hairs.

Half protractor scale 10mm diameter, divided in degrees.

Full protractor scale 10mm diameter, divided in degrees


Test Charts

Two patterns are available, 0-7 and -2-7, produced in accordance with the USAF Resolving Power Test Target. The most popular range is 0-7 group, with 6 elements per group, an element consisting of two target patterns of 3 lines at 90º to each other, the line space ratio being equal. These charts are produced as a chrome surface image on glass plate.

Test Resolution Charts are normally supplied as chrome high contrast pattern with positive image. Can be supplied in low contrast and negative form on request. Range from 3 lines to 20 lines per mm.

Star Test Target is used qualitatively to demonstrate focusing affects and for rapid assessment of focal plane position. Its overall size allows it to be used not only as a camera or optical bench target, but also as a test slide for 35mm projectors.


USAF Test chart

Test Resolution Chart

Star Test Target
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