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The Telescope Sighting 5.56 mm LMG (INSAS), is a Light Weight and Compact Telescope for accurate observations and aiming by firer under dusk and dawn conditions.

Magnification : 4x
Field of View : 9º
Objective : Refractive
EFL of Objective and errector Assy. : 131.2 mm
Eye Piece : Monocular, Fixed Focus
EFL : 32.75 mm
Eye Clearance : 40.00 mm
Exit Pupil : 6.00 mm
Resolution : 0.12 m rad/lp under high contrast conditions and bright day Sun Lithg.

Graticule Pattern:-
(a) Graticule has got one vertical and two horizontal equispaced bore sighting lines. There are six dots corresponding to 200, 400, 500, 600, 700 and so on ranges respectively from top to down wards.
(b) The graticule markings are filled in black.
Engagement:- 200, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 meters for human targets.
Special Features:- Binoculars are hermetically sealed and suitable for use at any altitude.

Optional Accessories:- Graticule, Filters for dusk and dawn viewing.

Packaging:- Binoculars are supplied in attractive Leather Case/Metal Case.

Physical Characteristics:-
Length : 288 mm aiming
Max Diameter : 73.00 mm
Total Weight with holder & mount : 610 gram

Accessories:- Cheek Rest, Screw Driver, Brush Cleaning, Log Book, User's hand Book, Filter Paper

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