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Liquid Filled Prismatic Compass is a robust, precision instrument of predominantly brass construction, designed to withstand most arduous climatic conditions. Liquid filled compass can be used in land or sea by architects, engineers, yachtsmen, foresters, geologists or defence forces for direction finding during day as well as night.


Scale : 360 ° (6400 mil)
Accuracy in scale : + 0.5 °
Top scale : Adjustable 360 °
Accuracy in top scale : + 1 °
Scale reading : Through lensatic prism
Mounting : Magnetic needle provided with jewel resting on an iridium point pivot
Tilt in total rotation : 14 °
Weight : 275 gms.


Special Features:-

• The compass is tested to temp. -30 ° - 70 °
• Essential marking with luminous paint to facilitate reading at night.
• Can be supplied in polished brass body or in Blank or olive green colour.
• Supplied with leatherette case with belt loop and sling.

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