"Offering Made in India Products comparable to the best in the world, Since 1963"

1. Sourcing

  • Optical Glass (All Types of Glasses Including Protective Glass & Colour Filter Glass)
  • Fused Silica, Quartz, Germanium, Silicon, Zinc Sulphide, Zinc Selenide, Calcite, etc
  • Laser Rods
  • Optical Components (High Precision Quality)
  • Electro – Optic Modules and Components
  • Electro – Optics Test and Measurement Equipments
  • Measuring Instruments (Opto - Mechanical and Electro – Mechanical)
2. Fabrication  

(a) Optical Production (UV, Visible & IR)

  • Design/ Development and Prototyping
  • Lenses (High Precision)
  • Prisms (High Precision)
  • Graticules
  • Mirrors (Front and Back Surface)
  • Parallel Plates
  • Wedges

(b) Mechanical Production

  • Design/ Development of Mechanical Fixtures
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Jig Fixtures and allied tools

3. Assembly

  • Optical Assemblies
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Opto – Mechanical Assemblies
  • Electro – Mechanical Assemblies
  • Electro – Optical Assemblies


We have the latest State of the Art Plant and Machinery to accomplish the above stated tasks with a commitment to provide best quality, cost effective and on time delivery to all our customers.
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