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General Specification:
We manufacture Lenses up to 150 mm dia. Singles as well as Achromats with surface accuracy up to 1 ring, and thickness tolerance +0.02 mm.

Unless specified, all lenses are made of high quality optical glass BK7. We also provide lenses manufactured by other type materials.

Unless specified, The outward faces of the lenses are coated with single layer MgF 2 anti-reflection films. Please contact us, if you have special requirements about coatings.

Plano-Convex Lenses (PCX)

PCX Lenses have one flat and one outward curving faces and positive focal length. These lenses can be used for condensing, magnifying and to form real or virtual image. When used for focusing or collimating, the curved surface always faced to the collimated light, when the lenses is used for imaging, the curved surface must be closed to the object or image for which the conjugate distance is longer. This will form an image with diminished aberrations. The lenses are often used in telescope, collimators, magnifiers and condensers.


Symmetric -Convex Lenses (SCX)

SCX lenses have two symmetrical convex surfaces and positive focal length. They are used for condensing, magnifying and to form real or virtual images.


Plano-Concave Lenses (PCV)

PCV lenses have one flat side and one inward curving surface and negative focal length. They diverge incident light, and generally form virtual images, which could be seen through the lens. PCV lenses offer a very nearly minimum spherical aberration at negative-infinite or nearinfinite conjugate ratios with the concave surface facing the longer object or image distance. These lenses are usually used as light beam expanders or to increase focal length in existing system.


Symmetric-Concave Lenses (SCV)

SCV lenses with two symmetric inward curving faces have negative focal length, diverges incident light and generally forms a virtual image. Like the PCV lenses, they are often used to expand light beam or to increase the focal length. These types of lenses are normally used in devices such as laser beam expanders, projection optics, etc. in combination with other lenses.


Meniscus Lenses (MNS)

MNS lenses are characterized by one convex and one concave surface. It is most often used in conjunction with another lenses to produce a system of a longer or shorter focal length than the original lens. This will result in significantly better performance especially with monochromatic light.


Achromatic-Doublets and Triplets

The Achromatic-Doublet and Triplet is generally consisting of a positive low-index and a negative high- index lens. This kind of lenses exhibits excellent paraxial performance, minimal spherical aberration, coma and smallest chromatic aberration. When these lenses are used to focus or collimate, the convex lens or the smaller radius surface always faces the collimated light, while used to image the convex lens must be adjacent to the object or image with longer distance

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