"Offering Made in India Products comparable to the best in the world, Since 1963"

We offer wide range of raw optical glass for immediate dispatch to our customers. We also offer heat pressed moulds and rough cut blanks of various materials ranging from wave length of X -ray to IR for optical component such as lenses, prisms and any other complex shape ranging from 5mm to 250mm. All manufacturers glass types or their equivalent material are available with proper coding for identification.


We offer color filters in shape of rough cut discs and polish windows. Our filters range for different band widths such as

  • color filters

  • band pass filters

  • interference filters

  • long pass filters

  • short pass filters

  • neutral density filters

  • dichroic filte


We offer finished optical components such as lenses prisms & windows made from IR Material such as Germanium, Silicon, Zinc Sulphide, Zinc Selenide, Calcite, etc.

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